Astrology Interpretation of The Earth Element

The Element of Earth

The element of Earth is the sole purpose of all elements, since it represents a basis for each of them, for our existence, and something we all want to accomplish – materialization of our desires. This is a somewhat complicated element because it is stiff and unmovable, especially when a person has a lot of planets in it, but not enough of them in the element of Air to balance it out.

This is the element of our planet and got its name by it too. We should keep this in mind when we interpret anyone’s chart, for the lacking of Earth might point to big problems a person has finding grounding or connecting to the soil they were born to.

Earth Signs

Signs ruled by the element of Earth are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. It is instantly obvious that these are all practical signs that value material things, work hard, and know how to make a plan and put it to action. All three of them have the ability to be specific and concrete, expecting everyone else to share their practical view on the world and their reasonable approach.

Earth represents matter itself, our physical body, and with it our finances, the food we eat, and our daily routine. Strongly set in their ways, individuals with this element accented have a tendency to give in to an unchangeable routine for years, sometimes too scared to get out of it. In a challenging mode, they will stick to habits that don’t make them happy just because they are convinced they have to, or stay at a job because of financial security, while completely neglecting their intelligence and creativity.

How Do We Balance Earth?

The biggest challenge Earth has to face is the recognition of something as fast, unstable and transparent as Air. Earthlings out of balance need to shake off their stiff habits, make changes to their life and their routine without regret, and stop questioning every decision they’ve already made. Their sense of purpose has to be clear and their contact with emotions strong and unshakeable, and this takes a special effort for someone like Virgo, taking Venus into fall.

To get in touch with the element of Air, these individuals should read, have a coffee break, walk aimlessly and socialize as much as possible. They need spoken word rather than a written one, a new computer, people who change places and ambitions to teach them how to move, and a lot of relaxation and stretching to prepare their body for the change. The best exercise for anyone pressured by Earth is dance, spontaneous and carefree, with modern loud music and preferably a relaxed partner.

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