Fixed Quality In Each Zodiac Sign

The Fixed Quality

Right after something has begun with a bang, a sign of fixed quality comes to calm the situation and last where found. Each season has a middle period when it is clearly defined, and it is understood what can be expected from it. This is a quality that finds it hard to make changes and people with the Sun or a personal planet in the sign of this quality will usually be confidently set in their ways. Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


The sign of Taurus is a fixed sign belonging to the element of Earth. This makes it least changeable of all signs, since it represents the slowest forms of expression in the zodiac, combined. Taurus falls in the middle of spring, and exalts the Moon, supporting life itself. It is the hardest time of year for any human hungry for life to leave behind. It speaks of our physical body, the food we eat, and our general material existence. It doesn’t change, not because it is stubborn, but because it knows that it is there to inspire and enjoy the moment.


Leo is a representative of the element of Fire, and its ruler is the fire itself. It falls in the middle of summer and speaks of the warmest and the sunniest time of year. When we think of its fixed quality, we can just imagine the Sun in the center of our solar system, brightly burning for millions of years and prepared to do so for millions of years to come. It guarantees our future and our lives, for as long as we take care of our bodies and our own planet. Leo doesn’t think much about the greenhouse effect. It burns no matter what.


Scorpio is a Water sign of fixed quality, and we may find this strange. Water flows, it doesn’t stand still, and Scorpio represents change, curves and transformation. Interestingly, the fixed nature of Scorpio


The sign of Aquarius belongs to the element of Air, and its fixed quality is probably the most difficult to understand. It comes with the middle of winter and stands for the coldest time of year. In a way, this is a combination that speaks of hibernation and preparation to wake up from a long sleep. This might be the best image to depict an Aquarius. Air never stops, it moves quicker than anyone else, and when it is fixed, it seems to be trapped in its movements without the ability to ever stop. This explains the stress and limit breaking of all Aquarians, as well as their need to fight the system and anything that takes control over their activities.

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