Local Space Astrology


In order to discover where our subjective impression of a certain location on Earth is beautiful or challenging, we will turn to Local Space Astrology. Although not typically used, this branch gives us the opportunity to work on space around us, fulfill planetary needs on a personal level, and truly change the circumstances in our lives by changing our inner state of perception through the outside world.

Coordinate Systems

When studying Natal Chart Astrology, as well as most of its other branches, we will usually use the ecliptic coordinate system. This means that planetary positions in the chart are seen as projected on the ecliptic, while the house division is also applied to it.

In Local Space Astrology we will use the horizon coordinate system, connected to the point in which the observer is located. This means that in a chart to be used in Local Space Astrology, planetary positions are projected onto a sphere which puts the observer in its center, and has a surface that covers the distance our eyes can reach. This is an imaginary bubble we are set in every moment in time, and about 30 kilometers far from us wherever we might be located.

Chart Interpretation

The chart obtained in this way is a bit different from the one we usually see. Instead of a house division on twelve separate pieces, a horoscope made in a horizon coordinate system will have its Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern points that serve similar to angular house cusps. These points are analogous to the beginning of cardinal signs as well, and have a great impact on the way we attract a certain atmosphere in our lives.

Practical Use

Our subjective view of the world we live in may change greatly with the use of Local Space Astrology. Its main benefits hide in the fact that anything can be changed, from planetary dignities to the aspects they make and their importance in a natal chart. We will find that there are incredible places on our planet, which have the ability to teach us how to overcome certain difficulties in our charts, our own.

In a practical sense, this means that we can choose to visit a place where our negative aspects won’t be objectively neutralized, but the way we perceive them would. Imagine the power we can find within once we realize that there is no fate we cannot overcome by pure willpower and inner work.

Home Furnishing

One of the most practical uses of Astrology is the application of Local Space Astrology in our home. If we simply project this horoscope to the place we live in, well-oriented and centered, we have a tool to satisfy planetary needs on a very personal level. Each planet in this horoscope will act as a planetary line that breathes and lives in our home, and we will often find that these lines go through windows and walls, that we put plants and trash cans on them, creating an environment that attracts certain events on a subconscious level.

Each planetary line in our home should be positively linked to a symbolism we want to accent, and with this knowledge, we can drastically improve the quality of our lives. In time, our subjective perception creates our circumstances, and we get healed by a simple furniture rearrangement, as much as allowed by our primal unconscious force.

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