Cardinal Quality In Each Zodiac Sign

The Cardinal Quality

The word itself speaks of a quality that rules all others. Maybe this would be a bit of an overstatement, since all qualities have their important role in the entire system, but this is definitely the quality the leads the way and stands first, open for the new and unexplored.

Cardinal quality represents all new beginnings and the energy of things that are just starting. Each sign of this quality has the ability to make a sharp turn, and change their life and the life of others. If you look around you, it will become clear that everyone you know born only under one of these Sun signs, had or wants to have the opportunity for a deep change of direction and focus in life.

Sings of cardinal modality are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Each of them represents a beginning of one season, and this makes them innovative and new.


This sign belongs to the element of Fire and begins with the first day of spring when all of nature is waking up, while life begins to bloom. This is a sign of the beginning of one circle, the first sign of the zodiac, and the leader in every sense of the word. An Aries leads the way from point zero, bravely, with a masculine forceful energy that clears the way in front of them. Aries relies on infinite energy, but when they get to a wall they can’t break through (and after numerous attempts), they will make a cut and move in a completely new direction.


Cancer belongs to the element of Water and begins with the first day of summer. After life came to existence in the spring, this is a sign that starts the second zodiacal quadrant and is in charge of warmth, creation and inspiration. Cancer is the sign of our Soul and our emotional wellbeing. This is already seen through the element of Water, but cardinal quality is what makes it as endurable and caring as it is. Compassion will get a Cancer very far, but only until their emotional cup fills up and they completely make a shift into their own new summer.


The sign of Libra starts with the beginning of autumn and belongs to the element of Air. This is a time when life dies down, which is exactly why the Sun has fallen in the sign of Libra. Cardinal quality in this sign will manifest through the process of decision-making. We see Libra as indecisive, which is quite normal when you think about giving up on the warmth of summer. However, once Libra makes a decision, there is probably nothing in this world that could change it. This is a way to build up character step by step, from the point where life and energy fade, and progress has to be made in a direction strange for mankind.


The sign of Capricorn belongs to the element of Earth, and this represents a true turning point when we speak of quality. As one of the most stubborn signs that always holds on to proven methods and history, it will be a real surprise to see a Capricorn make a turn once things, choices or people in their life, lose their usefulness. This may seem a bit cold, but it is actually a way to truly clear up your life, and Capricorn and its ruler speak of deep cleansing processes that need to take place so we can build what we want in our material reality.

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