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January, 2022 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

At its height in the 2000s, Blockbuster Video earned about 16% of its revenue only on late fees. You can rely on human nature when you are aware of things that you are about to deal with. Some ideas take time to show profitable or worthy of primal investments. Be careful not to make any ...

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December, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

In the beginning of this month, words tend to scatter around and fly off as if they were never spoken. Overthinking and overdoing all sorts of things could blur the image even more, especially if you feel pushed or triggered into self-destructive ways that interfere with your health and peace of your physiology. The body ...

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November, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Scandinavia has eagles that make their nests so big that they’ve been known to collapse entire trees under them. If too much weight is put into certain matters, they could collapse, and your best intentions won’t exactly save the day. Don’t dig too deep where others aren’t in the mood for digging, minding your own ...

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October, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

This is a month of vision, and you are about to see the light at the end of a tunnel, or the end of a long-lasting struggle that has been keeping you tied. You can feel the freedom approaching, as if it was out of your hands and control, even though you are the one ...

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September, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

The Bank of England has vaults that require a 3-feet long key to be opened. There is a special way to open certain doors and all you truly need right now is faith that it is possible. Search for practical solutions but think outside the box and try not to limit your steps even before ...

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August, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

The Sun and Mercury are making important announcements in your seventh house and the field of relationships and romance at the beginning of August. Still, a rational approach won’t help emotional issues much and what you feel should be put on top of your priority list so you can handle the challenge and possible hurt ...

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July, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

A glimpse of tenderness could sweep you off your feet. Some Aquarius representatives will meet someone new, and attraction is felt strong. There is a lot of tension to any relationship though, for frustration led to energies building up and becoming more or less destructive in the process. What has been buried or set aside ...

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June, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Some sharks don’t ever have to sleep, and you are not one of them. Your body needs rest, probably more of it than you once thought, and some alone time would do you good, to check for your actual needs instead of rushing over them. Choose your food and your entire schedule with care and ...

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May, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

You are simply not stable for any grand decisions right now, and it is important to see that. What you truly need is a nice vacation, fine food, warm contacts and cuddly moments for yourself. Take in the tenderness, feelings of home, and even scary emotions that might come to surface. Once you do, all ...

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April, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

The Sleeping Beauty character, Aurora, speaks less than any main character in a full-length Disney movie. Some activities distance you from the communication that you wish to establish, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. The accent you give to your conversational skills may dial down by the middle of the month as your ...

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March, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

You have already been through your own mind and ideas in it back and forth and need a way to materialize them and bring things to life. You don’t want to wait any longer, especially around matters that have been swirling around your brain for months. This is a time to make that clean cut ...

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February, 2021 Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Up to 70 tons of paint is needed to cover the entire structure of the Eiffel Tower. Understanding the concept of fixing things and the investment that you have to put into it in order to get things done, you might find that it is better to buy something new and throw what is outdated ...

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