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May, 2022 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

In 1604, it was the last time a star went supernova in our galaxy. It was nice to go with the flow and observe the world light up in the past, but this month offers fewer flexible solutions than those you have had by now. You will have to adapt to new ways and bring ...

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April, 2022 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Times are still stressful and demanding, but as the month starts to unwind, you will find yourself in new situations that inspire you to move on from some difficult ties. The past left its mark but also carried its blessings. Find gratitude for experiences that went deep. You have enough knowledge to change your future ...

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March, 2022 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

ADHD drugs work by giving additional stimulation to the brain, not by suppressing it. You are not sure which problems need to be faced head on, and which should be avoided. It seems like taking in more of something that made you feel bad can be a good choice if you are ready to face ...

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February, 2022 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

You are willing to follow the leader, someone worth listening to, and seek advice when necessary. At the same time, you may find yourself conflicted, unsure if your internal authority approves of opinions and deeds of outer authorities. Stay dignified in conflicts of any kind, aware that you need to stand firm on your own ...

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January, 2022 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

The beginning of this month and this entire year may be tricky if you push yourself one step too far. Perhaps you are willing to try something new and your mind is pointing you in that direction, but your heart still isn’t ready to face the consequences, or you lack the energy to endure. Some ...

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December, 2021 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Over two thirds of millionaires don’t consider themselves to be wealthy. Your perspective depends on the situation you’ve been in for a while. Force of habit might distort the image or distance you from the realistic view of other people and lives they are living day to day. If you recognize inequality, this is a ...

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November, 2021 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Family matters drained the energy away, even though you tried to keep your boundaries clear and keep the distance enough to preserve your wellbeing. Some things required emotion, and your heart needs time to regenerate and process dialogues and words spoken in weeks to come. This month may bring thorough changes into some of your ...

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October, 2021 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Sample collection tubes for the Perseverance Rover are considered the cleanest things ever made on Earth. As you try to clear certain issues in your own world, you might come to find that comparisons are destructive for even though others have them clearer, they have their own set of unhealed wounds to attend to. Although ...

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September, 2021 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

There is a lot of unease to this month, and you must find a way to focus on little things that make you happy, so you can hold on to positive feelings and optimism. The second half of the month may bring new love stories or passionate encounters your way, but emotions are tainted with ...

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August, 2021 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

The speed of light was calculated in the 17th century by observing the orbit of Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. Your mind is ready for transformation, to see the connection between things that have been hard to connect in the first place. It is important to take your time, get enough rest and sleep in ...

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July, 2021 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

This month is colored by energies out of reach, complicated things that you cannot practically get a grip on, and big issues that require a lot of time to be processed. Some Cancers will go through significant changes, setting free from old patterns, relationships, and taking on a new job, partner, or entire lifestyle. Take ...

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June, 2021 Monthly Cancer Horoscope

A vacation sounds like a good idea right now. Not only because of the need for rest, but to widen horizons and finally move from a static point you found yourself in. Energy is to be invested in yourself, your body, and your personal progress, so you don’t get pushed into frustrating emotions that only ...

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