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January, 2022 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

You are not even sure if you’ve done well or have you simply followed a pattern all over again, ending up in a situation that you tried to avoid. Some issues take more time, and you cannot examine and assess your productivity just yet. Enjoy the beginning of the new cycle as January unfolds, without ...

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December, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Things are developing in a pace quicker than usual for the first couple of weeks of December, only to bump into obstacles along the way. Worrying will easily take over if you don’t have faith in your choices and your intuition. You should not waste time on anything that doesn’t feel right. Your moral obligations ...

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November, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Mercury is about to get fast, moving through Scorpio as if running from deep and burdening issues of its emotional storms. The month begins with open communication and attempts to chase solutions with words, only to show you that words are simply not enough in certain contacts and nothing more can really be done but ...

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October, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

You have more power within you than you thought in the past and it needs to be put to good use in weeks to come. Try not to waste time on conflicts without a resolution and contacts that are not constructive and helpful. You need emotional and material clarity, views that allow progress in as ...

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September, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Even though your sign’s ruler won’t be retrograde until the last several days in September, you will feel things shifting and turning already by the middle of the month. This is not the time to put your trust into other people’s words, especially not when your instincts are pointing you in a different direction. Make ...

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August, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Time rushes quickly and during August, decisions made in the beginning of the month could find their absolute transformation by the end of it. Don’t hold on to your thoughts too firmly, as they are meant to cleanse and show you the path that brings you joy, not hold you tied in loyalties that pulled ...

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July, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

A CT-scan exposes patients to more radiation than a chest X-ray. You should get informed about things that might hurt you in the process, even if they are considered normal or even popularly used among other people. You are tender and your mind requires explanations that will take you out of states of body and ...

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June, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

You are no longer surprised by events that are taking place in a row, but you still need a way out and wish to cut the cord to issues of the past that have been taking your energy away. The first week of June is your moment for financial planning and to save something for ...

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May, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

From fast to slow, forwards to backwards, Mercury and all Gemini representatives are about to face some of their own dualities as May unfolds. This is a month of turbulence, and while conflicts with others are possible, it is your inner conflicts that really come to light. You need your stability and to hold on ...

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April, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

This month begins with some difficult issues on the table, emotional setbacks and ties that don’t make you feel good. Still, you are persistent and have enough energy to pull you through any issue that might stand in the way. In some situations, you will have to be fierce and extremely stable in order to ...

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March, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Even though Mercury is moving out of its shadow and finally passing its conjunction with Jupiter that brough confusing times and successes that aren’t easy to metabolize, its progress to Pisces still represents a challenge. The mind requires movement and a lot of healthy grounding, routine that supports your venting and emotional cleansing.

You could ...

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February, 2021 Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Mercury already turned backwards and wants you to reexamine some of your old ideas and think of a backup plan that you can always fall back on. The more you think about the sense of security you require, the further you drift away from concepts of fear that took a lot of your energy in ...

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