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July, 2022 Monthly Libra Horoscope

Hard work is not always rewarded, and this is one of those times when your intentions easily get bent or misinterpreted by those you should trust. The foundation is shaken as you move on with plans that have begun in better times, when stability seemed more reachable than today. Give in to stress only to ...

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June, 2022 Monthly Libra Horoscope

The beginning of June is filled with a special rush of emotion, where houses are built, homes are established, and feelings tend to leave a mark in your search for balance in life. You are ready to follow a hunch, willing to experiment and try something new, and these fresh energies should not be wasted ...

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May, 2022 Monthly Libra Horoscope

It is illegal to use pepper spray in Canada. You know that some bans and ideas serve to protect you and protect your loved ones, but you are still hesitant if boundaries should be set in a different way. It is important to have a sense of control over the situation, especially around people whose ...

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April, 2022 Monthly Libra Horoscope

The month begins with a strong foundation to build freedom, but you may have trouble staying realistic in weeks to come. Be careful when assessing your realistic options and grounding, aware of what is practical, and steadily moving towards a goal. Financial independence brings some form of hasty decisions. Set a daily or weekly limit ...

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March, 2022 Monthly Libra Horoscope

It is more difficult for a parent to tell if their child is lying, than it is for complete strangers. Some distance will do you good and help you gain perspective where it is lacking. Something is too strange, and you cannot untangle things or fix them until you see the big picture and understand ...

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February, 2022 Monthly Libra Horoscope

This month brings rational thoughts that easily become scattered and out of focus. Choose one of them to commit to, one project to finish before the next one begins, and get in sync with deadlines and the schedule that you wish to hold on to. This is a good time for careful planning, a studious ...

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January, 2022 Monthly Libra Horoscope

It is hard to say if you have adapted to certain surroundings, or if you have chosen to push your true personality deep and out of sight in order to fit in. Don’t let anyone else define your worth or your direction. No image in the outer world is worth your inner peace and it ...

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December, 2021 Monthly Libra Horoscope

The oldest known complaint from a customer dates back to 1750 BC. This is a sensitive time when you could repeat patterns that have lasted for ages. Reading a good book could help you change perspective. Discover the way others are thinking, allowing connections that are based on honesty and words with meaning and depth. ...

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November, 2021 Monthly Libra Horoscope

Attempts to find balance in certain situations failed, even though you tried your best. By the middle of November, you will find time for discussions and choice of words that might make a difference, but this won’t be enough to resolve deep energetic reasons for dissatisfaction. Relationships are shaken and you will need kind words ...

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October, 2021 Monthly Libra Horoscope

The first American to find out that Stalin died was Johnny Cash, while he was working as a radio operator. This is a difficult time, and you don’t feel ready for changes that are required in order to move on from painful situations or troubling conflicts. Don’t rely on others to lead the way and ...

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September, 2021 Monthly Libra Horoscope

The beginning of the month comes with a challenge of Self when someone else needs a lot of attention as well. It is important to ask yourself where the truth hides, what you failed to see as realistic and what was the consequence, and how you can affect important relationships by thinking about the other ...

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August, 2021 Monthly Libra Horoscope

Black and white dreams were more common in the era of black and white television. Observe the effects on the circumstances that surround you every day on your own world and your inner wellbeing. A change in your routine is necessary and it is becoming clear that your relationship with technology should find a new ...

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