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In order to sense the atmosphere of certain positions, aspects, strong points and challenges of any chart, you need to learn about basic principles of Astrology. These pages will provide you with such information, while also pointing out the historical and scientific impact Astrology has had over the ages. Astrology is the language of symbols, and as such stands for something older than any written word. With its scope, branches, and impeccable timing, this is a (pseudo)science filled with incredible possibilities that will lead you towards self-recognition and unstoppable curious research.

If you are new to Astrology and wish to learn, the first thing you need to do is meet all of the natural elements and qualities, take a look at your personal chart, and recognize planets, signs and houses that tell your story. When you are acquainted with the basics and your own personality shown through symbolism, don’t forget to let Astrology introduce itself to you too. Information about its actual place in history and the world as we know it will set you free from typical misconceptions that obstruct its growth and development beyond boundaries of the collective unconscious. Once you discover the amazing world that hides behind the symbolism, it will be impossible to ever stop learning

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When The Sun Gets Dark

When The Sun Gets Dark

This Solar eclipse will allow us to find the friend we lost, connect us to surprising pieces of our Soul, and make us follow our heart instead of our head.

Why Do Things Brea?

Why Do Things Break?

An uneasy time of Mars in Cancer made us understand the message our body is trying to share through signals we have ignored for too long.

The Healing Of Self

The Healing Of Self

There are those among us who are always ready to give, on the verge of an emotional breakthrough that is to be shared with the world to heal it.

The core of one’s personality is best seen through their Sun sign, even though it is not as revealing or specific as their natal chart. Pages below will provide you with all relevant information about basic personality traits, and strengths and weaknesses of each Sun sign. Not only will you be able to connect these descriptions with individuals born at a certain time of year, but you will also get acquainted with general characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs. Once you meet them all, you will get a clearer image of planetary positions and house cusps when in connection to them.