Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology is a concept that puts our Soul in the forefront, and helps us discover what this life on planet Earth carries as our lesson, and what we’ve already been through before we were born. This is one of the most mystical of all Astrology branches, simply because it mostly relies on reincarnation to begin with, and presumes that our Soul has a road to travel in many lifetimes. However, there is another approach that allows us to implement this branch into our scientific philosophy, as it can also be observed as a travel of the Soul through many levels of our subconscious and unconscious mind.


In general, this branch is presented by the Jeffrey Wolf Green method. In its basic presumptions, this method is concise, and what separates it from many others is its focus on ways to answer one important question – why? It gives us the opportunity to understand the importance of one’s Soul, our Soul, and its successive lifetimes that serve to separate human desire from potential for growth and evolution. By this theory we are all on a way to reconnect with the Universal Source energy, and our bodies represent lifetimes with certain steps on this path.

This is a branch used very often combined with Psychological Astrology and past life regression therapy, which makes it one of the most useful branches of all when it comes to human psyche. Evolution can simply be observed as personal growth.

Planetary Roles

Evolutionary Astrology focuses on Pluto and the Lunar Nodes, as representatives of our previous incarnations and our connection to the “underworld”, our inner world, or the past, however you’d like to name it. Every natal chart will be interpreted in relation to these entities, and every personal planet will represent a point of connection to them. Very often, this branch is connected to the use of the system of equal houses, a need obviously similar to karmic astrology and Saturn’s or Pluton’s themes.

In this type of reading, our chart will be a tool to add color to the story behind the Nodes, combined with Pluto and its position in house and sign. Pluto is the main actor here, for it represents the desires of the Soul that have yet to be fulfilled, leading to the search for satisfaction of unhealthy desires that cannot come to life, setting free from them, and living through an inner process of transformation that brings us closer to the Universe itself.

The Victimless World

The wonderful thing Evolutionary Astrology gives us apart from the understanding behind every “Why?” is the absence of the nature of a victim. This is a branch that will explain why some things would happen to someone weak and powerless, someone unable to defend themselves, a child or a baby. No one is a victim here, as we all simply live out our roles, tied to our desires and weaknesses throughout as many lifetimes as needed. This relation we can build with ourselves when learning about Evolutionary Astrology, gives us the opportunity to look within, and truly take responsibility for each and every aspect of our lives.

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