Our Loving Mercury In Taurus

Our Loving Mercury In Taurus | Astrology-zodiac-signs.com

When you think about Mercury, the first things that come to mind are intelligence, movement, or something small, tricky, and sly. For as long as it was in the sign of Aries, we had a chance to see its quick, fiery side, and many conversations ended up as conflicts, fabulous innovative ideas were born, and some of you began training, running, or speed walking. You must have thought about your body and your routine, challenged to do something about your grounding through a changeable approach to the physical body. So how does this little speedy Mercury handle the wall it hits in Taurus, and what will it bring while making its much slower, lazy steps?

Sensuality or Practicality

We know of Taurus as sensual and erotic in a

feminine way, but also think of it as this practical side of Venus where creativity is grounded and everything moves slowly until satisfaction is reached. Mercury will rarely have enough patience to wait for Taurus to provide it with all it needs to move, and you can clearly imagine a weasel in the corn field, waiting for the crops to grow, impatient as if it just had too much caffeine. After a quick glide through Aries, this is exactly what the first several days of this movement will be like for most people, and many of us will bump into restricted areas and solid circumstances that cannot seem to be changed however hard we try. In order to materialize any goal we set out to reach, we will pass through the sieve of reality and everything we thought we’d easily skip or move over quickly will turn out to be a much bigger obstacle than anticipated.

Only as this Mercury starts thinking about a tender touch and the financial rewards coming from slow work and dedication, will the entire symbiosis of the two bring benefits into our world. Love will be achieved through talk about physical closeness and intimacy, trade will develop through family ties and traditional values, and you will feel as if you are driving a tractor rather than that Porsche you parked in the driveway for the rest of this month.

Opportunity and Challenge

To use all the chances this earthly Mercury brings, you must focus your mind on forces of Nature, the birth of life, all pleasures of touch, physical love, and financial opportunities that are reached for through persistence and honesty. Stubbornness won’t bring results, only flexibility might, and answers will be found in the countryside or in the nearby pastry shop. Changes to your routine and calorie intake could be wise, and meals should be small, enjoyable, and frequent. This is a practical side of Mercury, but linked to emotions that don’t come easy to it, and it will often try too hard to focus on Taurus’ rational manifestations, such as finances, banking, and trade. Profit will be made through business ventures that involve food and natural materials, and nothing dishonest, artificial, or twofaced will go.

The challenge of every earthly Mercury is its stiffness and inability to let the feelings flow, and this position might face you with your inability to open your heart, express your true emotional nature, and communicate with loved ones to reach for understanding. The truth of the matter is – these weeks bring opportunities to communicate well, with family members and those we are intimate with, and kind and tender words will help us persist through any challenges that might come. Enjoy a slow walk to find grounding, skip that red meat meal call from the fridge, and you will see your mind clear up and your conversations leading to all sorts of benefits, finally making a positive impact to the sense of personal value you nurture within.

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